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Over the next couple of weeks, we are chatting to “OUR” people from the Bay of Plenty Cricket community, who greatly assist to make the Bay Oval Internationals a roaring success each summer.

This time we talk to well-known ND and Bay of Plenty umpire and umpire administrator Kevin Earl, who like us, is lucky enough to live in “our patch”. Kevin has been appointed the NZ Cricket Match Manager, for the Black Cap ODI’s with India over Auckland Anniversary weekend.

Preparations start on Match Day-2 (Minus Two) when the teams and officials arrive at the Bay Oval. Teams are allocated training times, with the Match Manager working with Bay Oval Trust personnel, to ensure all equipment is available and timings are adhered to.

Match Day-1 sees a meeting between all parties involved in the game - the Match Manager, Umpires and Match Referee, Bay Oval Turf Manager and the Sky Television crew meet to discuss any issues that may crop up. “Bay Oval Turf Manager Jared Carter, has a big part to play in this such as summarizing likely weather conditions, bowlers warm-up pitches, boundary sizes, watering and mowing policies, roller sizes available etc”. “My biggest Match Manager role is to ensure the timings of the program on match day and be available to all parties to ensure that all requirements are met”.

The Match Referee (David Boon has been appointed for the two Bay Oval ODI’s), may query aspects of ground preparation or timings such as whether national anthems are played and how does it affect the timing of umpire entry to the arena. Following the on-field meeting, the umpires often go to the nets and stand in the nets to get a feel for their role.

Organisation of the training sessions is put together by the Bay Oval Trust staff. They organize promising young local bowlers and ensure that food and drink is available. Kevin’s role is to check with team management that they have everything that they need.

“I will arrive at the Bay Oval around 10am on match day. My first role is to meet with Jared (Carter) to ensure that he is on track with his on-field preparations”. “I will than carry out a visual inspection of sight screens, operational scoreboard and ground clock, boundary rope positioning, fielding restriction markings etc. A series of briefings with the NZC Event team, Television management, Medical briefing, Security meeting and a Health and Safety walk through will follow, to ensure that all is ready when the teams and spectators arrive”. 

Kevin has numerous responsibilities on the day. Changing rooms are checked that they have been set up pre-match with food, drinks, ice and ice baths. A visual inspection of the sightscreens ensures that the screens adequately cover right and left arm bowlers delivering around the wicket.

“I ensure that all parties are in the middle 30 minutes before the start of play to carry out the toss. I then collect the two team sheets and have them photo copied and distributed to the scorers, TV crews, media, umpires and team managers”.

“A check is done that there are an adequate number of new balls for good team selection, as well as a sufficient array of used balls in the event of balls lost or going out of shape. Also check that that ‘Zing’ stumps and bails are charged and replaced at the change of innings”.

Drinks break times are confirmed and passed on to the Event Management and TV broadcasting crews along with the change of innings times.

“During the match I liaise with the Match Referee and Fourth Umpire usually around the timings of the match start, drinks, intervals and any weather interruptions. Often documents need to be copied which simply ensures that they have all that is needed for their roles to function”. “Liaising with the scorers around time delays and the Duckworth Lewis is another duty that I carry out”.

As part of the anti-doping and security procedures, a PMOA (Player, Match Official Area) zone is set up in the Oval pavilion. Any person who has access to this area must hand in all mobile phones and laptops and they are secured until the personnel leave the building. ICC (International Cricket Council) appoints a person to carry out all PMOA and Anti-Corruption issues at the ground.

“My other responsibilities are liaising with both Team Managers and the Match Referee and Umpires, to ensure that all goes smoothly during the game and attempt to foresee any complications that may occur”. “We have a very good team at the Bay Oval and they now have vast experience in responding to any issues. In my view ‘Liaison’ is the key to a successful event”.

“Post match I assist with arranging player movements to and from media areas. Either after the game or next day, a match debrief is held with all involved in the games organisation. The objective is to provide feedback on what went well, but more importantly what didn’t go so well, so that can be improved in the future”.




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