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Edition Three - November 2019

With the historic Black Caps v England first test at the Bay Oval fast approaching, we engage in a Q&A session with one of our Bay of Plenty Black Caps. Neil Wagner, is a relatively recent arrival who came to the beautiful Western Bay of Plenty to reside, from South Africa by way of England and Otago.

What will it mean to you to be playing the in the first test match at the Bay Oval
A lot. It’s a great venue and very proud to call it home now and the amazing facilities are part of some of the reasons for making the move up here. My in-laws have come over to watch the test and be here, so pretty awesome and grateful for them making the long trip and having a lot of friends and family there is always pretty special.

What does it mean to you to represent New Zealand
It means a lot. All the sacrifices and hard work that goes in to it all over the years and to have been given the chance to represent New Zealand is pretty huge and special, representing a proud nation and friends and family is something I’m very grateful for. To be part of a special group is heartwarming and helps pushing the boundaries and pain barriers

Tell us about your individual preparations from waking up on day one of the test match to the first ball being bowled
Pretty simple and casual. Wake up in my own bed which is pretty cool, make a coffee and a short stroll on Pap beach. Bacon and eggs with a second coffee, then make my way to the ground to start getting ready for strapping and warmups.

How does the Bay Oval compare with other international grounds around the world
It’s still a young international venue and its getting better and better each year. What surprises me most, is how proactive everyone involved are to make this a excellent cricket venue and how much work has gone into it! In my eyes on of the best venues in the country.

Do you enjoy playing at home or international tours?
Both equally and both presents different challenges. Love playing at home in front of home crowds and familiar faces. But then England is pretty special, with big crowds amazing grounds and how they love supporting their teams and then again to a different level to that playing in India.

What is the most enjoyable country to tour?
West Indies and England

What is the most competitive country to play against
South Africa.

What brought you to the sunny Bay of Plenty
Friends. Trent Boult was one of the big reasons and fell in love with the beautiful place and amazing weather. A chance for new challenges too.
What of your cricket achievements means the most to you?
Test debut and five wickets in one over was pretty special.

Tell us a little more about yourself
What are your tastes in music – Depends on mood, broad variety. Cold Play probably favorite.

What was the last book that you read – Baz’s book, ages ago.

Favourite movie - Remember the Titans, Shawshank Redemption.

Favourite TV program – Friends.

Favourite meal – BBQ, Steak, salad/veggies garlic bread!

Favourite drink - The Island Papamoa Easy lager, Heineken or lovely red wine.





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