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Pride an asset worth investing in

When I asked my 9-year-old daughter and her mates what they would do for Tauranga if they were Prime Minister, their suggestions were worthy of a mention.

"Light up the bridge; build a big Santa on top of Mauao; a cool kapa haka and sports stadium like other cities and free ice-creams on Fridays."

Fast-forward 50 summers and ask the same wish list question to my generation.

Not much has changed in the answers to my daughter's generation other than the wish list becomes a bucket list for us baby boomers staring down the barrel of a bed at Bob Owens' retirement village.

"Night cricket and rugby, stick a statue of Bob Clarkson up on Mauao (true story, Bob did ask tangata whenua if he could be buried up there during a Waitangi Day dawn service) and a free feed of Bobby Palmers fish n' chips on Fridays - sponsored by all the cash-rich Catholics in town."


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