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Beyond the Bay Oval Lights - Anna Peterson

Our next guest on "Beyond the Bay Oval Lights" will live in New Zealand Cricket history forever, as the first New Zealand Women's cricketer  to claim a hat-trick in Women's T20 International cricket.

Anna Peterson, was born in Auckland but learnt her cricket craft in the Bay of Plenty, while attending St Mary's School and Aquinas College.

The now Auckland Hearts all-rounder has played for the White Ferns on 65 occasions, belting 377 runs and taking 45 wickets, including a remarkable hat-trick. Longevity in the NZC Domestic Women's game, has seen 255 appearances, with a best of 102no and five wickets at a cost of 20 runs.

Anna has recently announced her retirement from international cricket but will still be in action for the Auckland Hearts during the 2021/22 season.

What were your feelings after taking the magical first Kiwi Women's T20 International hat-trick (White Ferns v Australia Women, 19 February 2017 - Geelong, Australia).

Honestly it was all a bit of a blur. I was more excited about the amazing win we had. We had lost the first game in Melbourne and with the rain around in Geelong, it didn't look like we'd get a result. That win gave us the confidence leading into the next game. 

Tell us a little about the match and how your contribution changed the momentum firmly in the White Ferns favour.

It was a tight tussle the whole way through. I hadn't bowled all game and hadn't expected to. The umpires and match officials had a bit of a miscommunication that meant that all of our front line bowlers had technically bowled out, so Suzie (Bates) turned to me. Suzie, Maddy (Green)  and Amy (Satterthwaite) were amazing, we came together at the start of the over and then after each delivery, and came up with a specific plan for that ball. 

It always helps when the opposition needs to go at just under 200% strike rate, but all of their players are able to easily clear the rope. I just tried to execute each ball exactly how we'd planned and it worked. I think that game not only swung momentum in our favour for the rest of the series, but gave me confidence in my bowling I hadn't had. I think Suzie showing faith in me at a crucial time did wonders for my game.

Tell us about your time playing and leading the Bay of Plenty Women's team and the moments that stand out for you?

I loved playing for the Bay Women and have been hoping there would be more games to play in the future. There are a couple of significant moments that stick with me. Kate Anderson came into the team as a young kid with huge potential. I remember her debut game, throwing her the ball when we were in a bit of a pickle and she ended up getting a five-fer and winning us the game. 

Another highlight would have to be when Maree Woodin (absolute legend) made a comeback after a fair amount of time away from the game, and instantly made an impact in the field by running someone out, throwing one handed and off balance. Loved seeing the former players come back and the impact it had on the team. Form is temporary but class is forever. 

How important was your time in the Bay side in relation to your later cricket career development?

I think there's something really special about playing for the Bay. There's such a proud male history of the game, but the women’s side have always punched above their weight. The Bay of Plenty Cricket staff and community were really important and are still incredibly important to my cricket. They are a real family and I always feel like I'm coming home when I get to play at Bay Oval.

What memories do you have of your debut for the ND Women's side?

I remember playing at the Bay Oval before it had any buildings or structures. We were in tents and it was freezing. Even then you could see the potential the ground has, and I remember the girls saying we need to make sure the boys don't take it over or we'll never get to play here again! Luckily ND has made sure that both sides are given equal opportunity to play there. 

Who were the big names of the day that you played alongside and against in your first NZC Domestic season? 

Legends of the game like Anna Wilkins, Nicola Browne, Kate Pulford, Rhiana Vincent and current legends Nat Dodd, Kerry Tomlinson and current teammate Holly Huddleston. It's amazing to think that was 13 years ago and I am still great mates with a lot of those players.  

Tell us about the people who have made the biggest contributions to your development over the years?

Obviously there are quite a few over different times but Dad was massive as I was growing up. Mark Webb was someone who showed me the importance of being mentally strong and how to have fun during training. Cliff Dickeson was so pivotal in me becoming a spin bowler and I can't thank him enough for the faith he showed in me. 

And more recently, Andre Adams has had a huge impact. Learning about who I am as a person and how that translates to who I am as a player, making me think outside the box and providing a real safe place to explore and fail and try new things. He understands the professional game so well and continues to be a massive support. 

Outside of the T20 International hat-trick, what other big memories will you treasure in the future?

There's so much to pick from, a lot of it is away from the field, in the changing room after a series celebrating with the opposition after a hard tour.

-- Playing the West Indies at Pukekura Park where it was a sellout, the crowd cheering for each ball.

- Similar to that, is playing India at Eden Park before the Blackcaps with a crowd about 17,000. They were mostly cheering for India so it felt a bit different but it was an amazing experience. 

- My first season for the Hearts in the final and we had the most amazing comeback win. Hitting the winning runs was the best feeling ever. 

- Our last T20 game last season against the Blaze, where they needed 8 off the last over and we got a run out. I think any tight win in front of a home crowd is so much fun

Tell us about the best White Ferns victories you were involved in?

My favourite has to be the game in Pukekura Park against the West Indies. We had batted really poorly and needed to pull something out of the bag. They needed five runs off the last over and Suzie threw me the ball again. The pitch was slow and turning a mile so that definitely helped, but we managed to get two wickets and a run out, and like I said earlier the crowd were incredible. 

I think the other one has to be against Australia at Eden Park, where Amy Satterthwaite got her fourth century in a row and won us the game. I was lucky enough to be out there when she got it and could see the emotion on her face, it meant so much to her. Again, it was the crowd that made that game extra special. Playing at Eden Park, always feels like everyone are right on top on you which makes them feel connected to the game. It's an amazing feeling. 

Who is your standout player during your time in international cricket?

 I think I've got a couple. Suzie Bates is hands down the most professional player I know and has sculpted her game over the years to match the change in demands. She's also the most caring person and has an amazing cricket brain. She has had a positive impact on my game and can't thank her enough for that. 

I think someone that is really underrated is Katie Perkins. She has her way of playing and knows her game inside out. She will get big scores but will do it her way and is the most nuggety, hard working player out there. So many times she's won games, not by hitting sixes but by being creative around the crease, outsmarting bowlers and fielders. Extremely underrated. 

Tell us about your employment with North Harbour Rugby?

I'm the current Rugby Manager for Women and Girls at North Harbour Rugby. It's fascinating working in a different sport. I've been able to learn what rugby does and bring it to cricket and vice versa. I'm part of the Participation and Engagement team and essentially I am trying to engage as many females in the game as possible, whether it is as players, spectators, managers, coaches, referees or even at admin and board level. I'm really passionate about getting females into sport, and rugby is doing an amazing job in the lead up to the RWC in pushing that. 


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