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Beyond the Bay Oval Lights - Effects of Level 4 on Preparation of the Oval

Bay Oval Turf Manager Jared Carter joins Beyond the Bay Oval Lights to tell us about preparations for the new cricket season and the difficulties of dealing with the latest Covid 19 lockdown.

What additional challenges in preparing for the new season do you face with the latest Covid lockdown and how do you deal with them.

The lockdown effectively puts us about 3 weeks behind, where we were at a time of year when we are trying to do renovations to get a nice even grass cover on all of the blocks. While it's a setback, if we can get them sown out by the end of next week we should be fine, although timeframes will now be tight and will only get one attempt to get the grass germinated.

 Tell us about the ground staff activities in the first three months of the winter break in play

Winter is generally a chance to have some time off, service machinery and start planning for the next season. This year we have had the greenhouse being used, so we have had the White Ferns and Blackcaps in for camps over the winter before their tours overseas.

 Where are you at the moment with your new season preparations? 

As above, just trying to finish off the spring renovations and starting to get the outfield up and running again.

 What challenges does spring bring to your preparations? 

The spring winds are generally the biggest challenge. Making sure young grass doesn't dry out too quickly etc. Otherwise we are waiting for the temperatures to warm up a little so we can get the outfield growing.

 What spring training camps are scheduled?

This year we have Northern and Central Districts, plus Otago coming in for pre season camps. We have lost three camps so far due to the lockdowns; hopefully we'll get the remaining five camps in before the season starts. 

 When do you have to have the first wickets available for play this season?

The season starts for us in mid October. We have the first round of Plunket Shield scheduled for Oct 16-19 (although still not confirmed yet...) and with the club pitches due to start the week prior.

 Looking back at last season what was the biggest highlight for you

Two highlights for me. 

The last session of the Test Match. Was a hard watch for the first two sessions of day 5, but our boys pulled out a great last session to get us over the line.

And of course the win of the Test Championship. While it wasn't here at the Bay Oval, the pride that we all have in producing the playing and practice facilities to help prepare the Blackcaps to get to the top of the world and see them reach their potential, the win is something that we will never forget. Here's hoping it's just the start...

 What posed the biggest headache for you last season?

Missing out on the Australian T20 game.

 What gives you the biggest satisfaction in your work?

Producing facilities that allow our players to produce exciting games that the public want to come and watch live. Nothing better than a massive crowd cheering on our team.


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