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Beyond the Bay Oval Lights - Kyle Dovey

With the Boxing Day Test just around the corner, Beyond the Bay Oval Lights chats to Kyle Dovey, who is one of Bay Oval Turf Manager Jared Carter's trusted lieutenants at the Western Bay of Plenty International cricket ground.

How did your turf management apprenticeship come about?

I was fortunate enough to be playing a winter of club cricket over in Yorkshire, England, in 2017. I came back with little money and needing a job. My father knew Jared from around the traps and asked if there is any work going at the park. After working a few months at the park, I found myself really enjoying the work I was doing and an opportunity came up to begin an apprenticeship with the Bay Oval Trust. I feel very fortunate that I get paid, to do, what I’ve turned out to really enjoy for a living. 

Tell us a little about the steps of a turf management apprenticeship (practical and study) 

The apprenticeship is quite interesting, as it's a nice mix of both practical and bookwork. The course tends to start off with a lot of "on jobs" which is the more practical side to ease you into the jist of things. 

How long is a turf management apprenticeship and what qualifications do you gain

The course takes roughly three years to complete. Once completed you will have gained a qualification in 'Sports Turf/Horticulture'. 

What other opportunities outside parks and fields development and maintenance is open to turf management graduates

This apprenticeship covers all sports turf, so golf, lawn bowls and any sports stadium work. 

Walk us through your day at a international game

With the Boxing Day test match coming up, I’ll share what a day of a test match usually looks like for us. It tends to be a 6am start. The covers come off the wicket block around 6:30, folded up and put away (hopefully for the day) and the ground set up begins. The outfield and block are mowed, the practice nets are set up, throw down nets are erected, lines are remarked - and then the wicket is rolled, after the batting team captain communicates which roller he would like on the wicket (heavy or light).

Throughout the day we are just watching and keeping an eye on things in case the umpires or players need anything. We remark the wicket at every drinks break and end of session. At the end of the days play we lightly water the wicket block, fill the bowler’s foot marks with clay if that is required, and then cover up for the night. 

What happens at the Bay Oval when the playing season is over

After the playing season is complete, we begin renovations on the wicket blocks. For us at the Bay Oval, this includes the main block on the oval, the practice blocks and our two club blocks up on the top platform of Blake Park.

Renovations on the blocks, are basically where we take any remaining grass off the block and re-sew the grass ready for the season ahead. This offseason may be a bit more busy for us, with the addition of the new training structure that is currently being installed. With all things going to plan, the BLACKCAPS and WHITEFERNS will be training in the facility this winter coming. For us, this means preparing grass practice pitches throughout the winter. 

Tell us a little about you and your family’s involvement in cricket

My father, Jason Dovey, has had ties to the Mount Maunganui CC for the best part of 30 years, so my younger brother Niven and I grew up around the club. Naturally we both ended up playing our senior cricket for the Mount. My old man enjoys being around the game and trying to be involved where he can. For example, I believe that recently he has begun donating blazers to the Bay of Plenty senior men's team to recognize 50 matches played.   

What is your current playing status

At the moment, I am privileged enough to be captaining the Mount Maunganui 2nd XI. This is the first season since working at Bay Oval I have been able to play most fixtures, as the way our schedule has worked this season, means I’m more available than usual.   

Tell us a little more about yourself

Favourite Music - Usually top 40 music.

Favourite Movie- The Wolf of Wall Street

Favourite TV Program- Game of Thrones

Last Book Read- AB De Villiers, the Autobiography

Favourite Meal- Sushi

Favourite Drink- Don’t mind a cheeky beer from time to time. 


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