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Welcome to a new (temporary) addition to the Bay Oval website titled "What's Happening in Isolation", where we catch up with our Bay Oval family to see what they are up to during the Coronavirus lockdown. We will also take the opportunity to find out about each individual's recently concluded cricket season and what lies in the future.

Our first guest needs little introduction, in Northern Districts and Bay Cricket legend Graeme Aldridge.

Where and with whom have you been in isolation?

Wife Cath and two kids, Kamea 11 and Levi 8.

What have been the good points of your isolation?

More family time than normal. Really enjoying that aspect.

What irritations and inconveniences have you experienced? 

We haven’t got much to complain about in reality. Cath can work from home and it’s my quieter time of the year.

How have you been filling in your time?

Lots of backyard cricket and other games. Walking down to the beach which I’d imagine very similar to many others

How have you kept up your fitness levels?

A little bit of running and have registered with Les Mills on line so doing a few classes here and there

Have you any particular isolation fitness tips for our website readers?

Little bits, often, is what I’m trying to achieve.

Tell us a little about your 2019/20 cricket season?

Good experiences with the New Zealand Under 19 World Cup side in South Africa. We snuck in a few games but that’s the nature of tournament play. Locally with ND, our results were disappointing, but we feel like we have progressed further in player development.

What have been your personal highlights?

Going to Africa was a different experience and working with another set of players was rewarding. Essentially it is a bit more hands on coaching than possibly with ND, but gaining the balance of letting the players work stuff out is still important

Have there been any disappointments?

Not really. There were highs and lows but no disappointments as such.

What is on your horizon next cricket season (whenever that may be)?

As with many others, my employment is up in the air at present. Officially my contract with ND finishes April 30, so whenever the rules relax around lockdown etc, we will need to see what happens.

Tell us two things about yourself that most people wouldn't know about?

  1. I didn’t start bowling till I was 16 years of age.
  2. I bet on the (New Zealand) Warriors often.



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