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Whats Happening in Isolation - James Pamment


Welcome to a new (temporary) addition to the Bay Oval website titled "What's Happening in Isolation", where we catch up with our Bay Oval cricket family to see what they are up to during the Coronavirus lockdown. We will also take the opportunity to find out about each individual's recently concluded cricket season and what lies in the future.


This time we chat with past Northern Knights and Bay of Plenty Representative Team Head Coach James Pamment, who was part of the IPL Champions Mumbai Indians coaching team last season.

Where and with whom have you been in isolation?

I’m in lockdown at home in Papamoa Beach with the family, there’s six of us, so it’s always busy. I was up in Mumbai at a pre IPL tournament and camp when the virus lockdown was being discussed in New Zealand, so it was good to get home prior to Level 4 being put in place.

What have been the good points of your isolation?

Like for most people I’m sure, a few things have been tidied up in and around the home and garden. I’ve managed to read a couple of books that have been sitting on my desk for a few months and have touched base with a few old friends from the UK, that I had lost touch with over the years. There have been less trips to the Supermarket.

What irritations and inconveniences have you experienced? 

While our general way of life has been impacted, I don’t find anything irritating or inconvenient to be honest. Apart from socializing with close friends, I haven’t missed out on anything.

How have you been filling in your time?

I have a fairly set routine, up nice and early, relax with a coffee generally listening to the BBC radio service. I’m out walking with the dog for 90 minutes to 2 hours on four days of the week, the other three, I’m running and doing some bodyweight exercises at home.

I’ll do something in and around the house, like cleaning the windows, the laundry, vacuuming or sweeping the floor. There’s always plenty to do in the garden or the shed. I might have a game of darts in the afternoon, catch up with the Chase at 5pm,  then it’s on to cooking the dinner before relaxing with a wine or a single malt before bed.

How have you kept up your fitness levels?

Like I’ve said above, I walk or run every day. Three days a week I do some bodyweight exercises and occasionally, I’ll get the bike out and go for a short ride around the local neighborhood.

Have you any particular isolation fitness tips for our website readers?

Just try to keep your routines as similar as your pre isolation life,  as you can. Try not to imbibe in too much extra food or drink over and above what you would normally do. Use the opportunity to get out and walk, walking is a brilliant way to exercise and think things through.

Tell us a little about your 2019/20 cricket season?

2019 and early 2020 have been relatively busy for me. With Mumbai Indians, we obviously won the 2019 IPL title in Hyderabad on the 12th of May, an amazing game to be a part of. I had a couple of months at home post that before heading back to Mumbai in July for on off-season camp with 8-10 players who were preparing for the start of their domestic seasons.

From there, I took up an opportunity with the USA Cricket team through a contact who was involved with MI. I had been invited to assist with their preparations in Los Angeles for a T20 regional qualifying Tournament in Bermuda. It was good to get back to States, I hadn’t been there for 15 years or so. I stayed on with the US squad for One Day campaigns in Fort Lauderdale in September, The West Indies List A Tournament in Trinidad during November, which was a great opportunity for the US team to participate in and post Trinidad we had another World League 2 ODI Tournament in Dubai during December.

I hadn’t anticipated having anymore involvement with the US squad this year due to their desire to appoint a full time Head Coach, but they couldn’t make an appointment, so I helped them out at a preparation camp in Mumbai and a ODI Tournament in Kathmandu in January and February.

My most recent activity was coaching the Reliance 1 team at the DY Patil Corporate Tournament at Navi Mumbai, just prior to the lockdown restrictions. DY Patil is a Tournament that a lot of International and Domestic Indian players utilize as a IPL warm up, 16 strong teams divided in four groups with quarter finals for the Top Two from each group, then on to semis and a final. We made our way to the final before being pipped by a few runs at the final hurdle.

What have been your personal highlights?

Meeting some great people through the game in India, USA, Trinidad and Dubai. Travelling to some amazing places that I hadn’t been to before: San Francisco, San Jose, Fort Lauderdale, Bermuda, Trinidad & Kathmandu spring to mind with great memories.

Winning the IPL and the celebratory bus ride around Mumbai the following evening. Having some ODI success with the US squad in World League 2 series in Florida and Dubai.

Seeing and hearing about a number of the young players and not so young players (Pete Drysdale), that I enjoy working with when I am here at home, who continue to progress their games and have success either at club or DA level.

Have there been any disappointments?

The USA squad missing out on qualifying for the T20 World Qualifiers was disappointing. It was my first time with the team and expectations were high among the group but the preparations weren’t accurate enough and the performances at the tournament reflected that.

The February ODI trip to Nepal with the USA Team was also a disappointing trip and was sad way for me to finish, with what was largely a very enjoyable experience with this group of players and management.

What is on your horizon next cricket season (whenever that may be)?

I have recently signed on for two more years with Mumbai Indians, so IPL 2020, is my main priority once we appear out of lockdown in both countries.

I have been offered some coaching opportunities in Indian domestic cricket and in England, but I’ll wait for details of the rescheduled IPL 2020 in advance of confirming my schedule.

I’ll continue to work with the promising young players in the Bay region who see value in my guidance.

Tell us two things about yourself that most people wouldn't know about?

I could say, I’m a whizz in the Kitchen (I am) or put my left shoe on first (I do) but I’ll share a couple of stories with you from my distant past!

During the UK Coal Miners strike of 1981, I set up a business (my first of many), delivering firewood to old age pensioners so they could keep their fires burning through the winter. I would take my wheel barrow to the local wood yard, 5km round trip, 5 times a day to load up on logs, I’d then split them down and sell them on for a small profit! It was a good idea until somebody with a van caught on and cut me out of the market! It wasn’t a bad thing, I was only 13 and  my arms were getting like Popeyes.

I got chased out of Jack Nicholson’s private beach in Hawaii for stealing his golf balls, with a mate of mine. We were out snorkeling just of the beach when these golf balls started raining down on us from up on the cliff top. We had  started to collect them and stuff them down our shorts when curiosity got the better of me, on who was hitting them!

I scrambled up through the bushes and reached the small wall at the top of the cliff and peeped over, there was this fella with a Panama hat on, standing on a grassed platform with a big Cigar hanging out of the side of his mouth. I had to wait for him to hit another ball and then snigger and take a swig from a glass, to confirm it was the great man! I flew back down the cliff, told my mate who’s balls we were in the process of  nicking so we grabbed as many as we could, before the boat was sent out to round them up and chase us out!!

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