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What's Happening in Isolation with Jared Carter (Turf Manager)


Welcome to the new (temporary) addition to the Bay Oval website titled "What's Happening in Isolation", where we catch up with our Bay of Plenty cricket family to see what they are up to during the Coronavirus lockdown. We will also take the opportunity to find out about each individual's recently concluded cricket season and what lies in the future.

This time we chat with Jared Carter who does a superb job as the Bay Oval Turf Manager. Jared leads a dedicated team who has turned the former Blake Park wasteland into one of the best international cricket venues in the world.

Where and with whom have you been in isolation?

Just the wife (Mikael) and 3 boys, Reuben, Joseph and Henry.

 What have been the good points of your isolation?

Spending some long overdue time with the family. Getting a chance to exercise more regularly. Tidying up the garden and enjoying watching the back lawn get destroyed with all the back yard cricket.

What irritations and inconveniences have you experienced? 

The joys of three young boys and the many "productive" discussions and interactions between them. 

 How have you been filling in your time?

When not catching up on paperwork, phone calls and Zoom meetings, I have put a lot of work into upskilling my UN peacekeeping abilities, acting in an umpire/coach/playing capacity in the back yard and at times have been a pretty impressive ring announcer and MMA/UFC/Boxing referee.

Tell us about coping with the very real challenges of preparing a wicket block and outfield during the lockdown restrictions.

We have been in a very lucky position during the lockdown compared to many others in the turf industry. With the season nearly over, we were due to remove all the grass of the blocks and renovate, so if the grass died during lockdown, that wasn't an issue.

When Kelvin and DJ built the ground, the put couch grass on the outfield. This goes dormant not only when it gets too cold, but also when in drought through the summer months, but does not die. Another strength of couch grass is its disease tolerance. These were the biggest concerns in the turf industry, that the grasses would die from disease or lack of water, while we were not allowed access. So we are very thankful for the decisions made way back when the venue was first built.

What changes are you going to have to make in managing Bay Oval operations in the foreseeable future.

We have a reduced window to renovate and get all the blocks re-grassed, so our focus is on getting that carried out before the end of the month.

Kyle managed to get the venue tidied up a fair bit last week while I focused on the renovations, so he will continue to get the whole venue back to where it needs to be.

 Tell us a little about your 2019/20 cricket season?

It was another exciting summer we just completed, with the pinnacle being our first Test Match. Couldn't have asked for better weather, crowds (except for one person...) and match to start us off. We have learnt a lot in terms of what we can get out of the pitch this year, and with a couple of small changes, hopefully we can get better still.

What have been your personal highlights?

To be fair, just seeing the crowds turn up to the games and enjoying themselves. We are trying to provide something special for the community that they can be proud of, so to see such big crowds at the games, gives me confidence that we are doing things well and excites me for the future.

What is on your horizon next cricket season (whenever that may be)?

We were looking at a bumper season next year, but we are obviously in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment. We will just wait and see what is possible and available when the time comes, but we are planning to be ready as per usual for all the different scenarios that could come our way.

Tell us two things about yourself that most people wouldn't know about?

I was a Page 3 model in a Lords catalogue in 2004. Luckily fully clothed and was just sitting on a mower. Didn't even know someone took a photo, let alone get paid for it (unlike other types of English Page 3 models...)

I prepared the pitches for the Blackcaps verses Sri Lanka internationals in Fort Lauderdale back in 2010. 

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