Bay Oval

26 DEC 2020

Test Match

Bay Oval, Mt Maunganui - 11.00am
Test Match



The following standards are set to allow an event held at

Bay Oval to operate in a smooth and efficient manner and to

protect the patrons right to enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

Please note, the below entry conditions are what Bay Oval and NZC deem acceptable items at international cricket matches, however these may vary from venue to venue.

Please check your local venue entry conditions and regulations below for full details on what is permitted at each individual venue.


The following items are permitted in the Venue:

  • Sealed plastic bottles (up to 1 litre in size) containing non-alcoholic beverages for personal consumption at all venues.
  • Empty plastic bottles (up to 1 litre in size) to be filled using water provided at all venues.
  • Small thermos flasks (up to 1 litre in size) will be permitted at Test matches only – please note these are to carry hot water or tea/coffee only and will be subject to a security check. Please note: thermos flasks will be not be permitted at One Day and T20 internationals. Please also check your local venue entry regulations for any further restrictions in relation to thermos flasks.
  • Small amounts of non-commercial food intended for personal consumption.
  • Soft chilly bags – they must be able to fit under a seat.
  • If you have a General Admission (grass embankment) ticket/seat, a low profile portable/collapsible seat will be permitted if the base of the seat is no higher than 300mm from the ground and no wider than 600mm. Full sized collapsible directors chairs are permitted in specified areas.  However, there are limited positions available and admission to these areas will be on a first come basis.
  •  Pushchairs and strollers are permitted in specified areas.  However, there are limited positions available and admission to these areas will be on a first come basis.


  • If you'd like to bring any musical instruments with you on game day, you'll need to fill in the forms available from NZC Web Site


The following items and activities shall not be permitted in the Venue and will be confiscated or result in eviction from the Venue:

  • Alcohol not purchased at the Venue.
  • Animals with the exception of guide dogs.
  • Chairs (including, but not limited to large deck chairs, inflatable soft chairs and sofas, portable chairs, camp chairs and bean bags) except for small low profile portable/collapsible seats which have a base no higher than 300mm from the ground and are no wider than 600mm and you have a General Admission (grass embankment) ticket/seat. Please note: some venues may allow full height collapsible deck chairs within designated zones on grass embankment venues. In this instance, space may be limited and will therefore be on a first in, first served basis. Please check your local venue entry terms and conditions for further details.
  • Drink containers with broken seals not purchased at the Venue.
  • Drink containers larger than 1 litre.
  • Cans (including aerosol cans), glass bottles and any breakable container. Thermos flasks are also not permitted at any venue for a One Day or T20 international, however may be permitted at some Test matches only (refer permitted items above).
  • Illicit drugs.
  • Dangerous items/weapons (including, but not limited to, knives, flares, fireworks and laser pointers).
  • Skateboards, roller blades, scooters and bicycles.
  • Sound amplifying devices including whistles, loudhailers, air horns or similar devices.
  • Musical instruments unless pre-registered with Event Management Staff.
  • Hard chilly bins and/or picnic hampers.
  • Flags, banners etc that may, at the sole discretion of the Event Management Staff, be considered too large; contain profanity, or messages that could be deemed offensive, or likely to cause a disturbance. In all cases flag poles must be limited in length to no more than one hand width wider than the associated flag/banner.
  • Personal, collapsible rain umbrellas
  • Pop up and/or portable shelters and tents.
  • Photographic, video or audio recording equipment for any purpose other than private non-commercial purposes, which may include, without limitation, video and/or audio recorders, camera tripods, monopods or lenses with a total focal strength of greater than 200mm and commercial digital video equipment. The Event Management Staff will, at their sole discretion, determine whether or not an item is intended for personal or commercial use.
  • Communicate or transmit from within the Venue any information or knowledge that may support any form of betting or gambling whether within or outside any Venue by third parties (further sanctions and penalties may apply).
  • Engage in any form of activities that either directly or indirectly unduly impact on the delivery or outcome of the match, or negatively impact the experience of other spectators in the Venue.
  • Seek to in any way, improperly influence by any means whatsoever the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of any Match taking place at the Venue
  • Any other item or activity which the Event Management Staff (at their sole discretion) deems to be prohibited which may be a danger to, or inconvenience any other patron or which might otherwise compromise the integrity of a match.

Important things you should know:

  • THE BAY OVAL is a smoke-free and vape-free environment.
  • Patrons must leave the venue to smoke or vape.
  • Re-entry passes will be issued.

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